Initial considerations
You are about to submit your work to the IAPA Journalistic Excellence contest. However, before you hit the submit button, make sure of the following:
  1. The same work can only compete in a single category; otherwise, you will be disqualified.
  2. You can participate in up to three categories with different works.
  3. In serial works, only send the first and last works and three at your discretion.
  4. Only works published during 2021 can compete.
  5. Not journalistic Works (theses, dissertations, essays, books, etc.) will not be accepted.
  6. In the case of photography, caricature, or infographic, the works must be sent in any format available for images. In addition to the image, the submission must contain the page of the newspaper in which it was published.
  7. Contestants are recommended to consider the “weight” of the documents. Therefore we recommend that this is not more than 10 MB.
  8. The contest will not accept information not requested; amendments are not acceptable either. Instead, fill out a new form in case of error or incomplete information.
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